Elizabeth Goodspeed


I'm a recent graduate of the Brown RISD Dual Degree Program living and working on the East Coast (New York, Providence, Philadelphia, and Boston). I studied Graphic Design and Cognitive Science, with a focus in visual perception and color vision.

I'm currently taking freelance jobs and interning at the Whitney. Before that, I was an intern at Pentagram with Michael Beirut. In the past, I've worked at Open with Scott Stowell, with Micah Barrett at the RISD Media Group, and assisted with food-styling at Sweets & Bitters. While at school, I was co-director of the student-run workshop series RISD Quickies, a team designer for the Ivy Film Festival, an editor at the RISD posters blog, and a research assistant in the Visual Perception and Cognition Lab

Feel free to contact me at hello @ elizabethgoodspeed.com with any questions, freelance opportunities, or particularly salient memes.

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