Elizabeth Goodspeed

A few exploratory things that don't fit anywhere else. More of these on my blog

GIF series exploring the proliferation and degradation of images across the web. Sourced from Google image results for a single artwork.

Resin and (faux) gold dust casts of my wisdom tooth for the spring Spring 2014 TINY issue of collaborative RISD-MICA zine "Why The Beef?" Edition of 22. (Photography by Jeremy Cain, courtesy of Alice Taranto!)

At 4ft tall, this piece represents a 29x scale model of 432 Park Avenue, which at 1,396 ft and 97 stories, is now the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. The model is employed as a habitat for a colony of flightless fruit-flies, who, ignorant of their genetic modification, attempt to fly by crawling up the sides of the model to the highest point they can find, and then jump off. The fly's endless climb cycle speaks to the excess and luxury of the building itself, whose apartments start at 7 million dollars, and cost as much as $95 million for the upper floors. Over time, the flies colonize the sculpture, clouding the walls and laying eggs. Made of plexiglass, rapid prototype (white, clear), banana mush, and flightless fruit flies.


Material exploration of a custom hand-made paper I developed that is embedded with nutritional agar and (therefore) bacterial colonies. I was originally interested in exploring the idea of a book that disintegrated over time, but moved on to exploring the use of such a paper in social contracts (inoculated with bacteria from participating parties) or in a larger conversation about the modern value of the printed book. Paper mounted on black shows various display papers, embossed with numbers to correspond to amount of bacterial growth on each. 

Playing with with representational 3D text to describe an object.