No Man's Land Inaugural Issue—Editorial design, branding, art direction, and illustration at Pentagram for the summer issue of No Man's Land, a new lifestyle magazine from The Wing, a network of co-working and community spaces for women.

Our team (spearheaded by Emily Oberman) designed the publication from the ground up, creating a cohesive framework that could hold a diverse range of editorial content while still feeling loose and improvisational. We also contributed to research, development, and naming for the magazine's sections and articles.
In addition to working collaboratively within our team on all aspects of editorial layout and design, I also hand-lettered article titles, and illustrated three separate features and the sticker page in this issue.
EMO_No Man_s Land_Fall 2017_006.jpg
EMO_No Man_s Land_Fall 2017_add_014.jpg
No Man’s Land is available for purchase online at the Wing website and in person at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million stores, plus select boutiques, bookstores and magazine shops across the country and in the UK and Canada. Digital content is published in partnership with NY Mag's The Cut.
Created at Pentagram under Emily Oberman with designers Joey Petrillo and Christina Hogan, and project manager Anna Meixler, in Fall 2017.