No Man's Land Summer Issue—Editorial design, branding, art direction, and illustration at Pentagram for the second issue of No Man's Land, a lifestyle magazine from The Wing, a network of co-working and community spaces for women.

One of three designers on Emily Oberman's Pentagram team to design "No Man's Land", a new magazine from the Wing. For this summer issue (which was the second edition of the magazine) our team continued to develop the identity and structural system from issue 1 while also leaning into unconventionality––embracing a more malleable editorial structure by removing sections and working to include playful nods to the theme through color and typography.
The creation of the magazine was deeply grounded in collaboration, both within our design team, and with the help from the fantastic core creative team of No Man's Land (Deidre Dyer, Laia Garcia, and Emily Keegin). In addition to working within our team on editorial design and branding, I also personally oversaw art direction for participating illustrators, sourced archival imagery, and created illustrations for several issue features.
Illustrations by Alex Citrin

Illustrations by Alex Citrin

Illustrations by Kelly Bjork

Photo by Nina Lilliebjerg

Photo by Nina Lilliebjerg

No Man’s Land is available for purchase online at the Wing website and in person at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million stores, plus select boutiques, bookstores and magazine shops across the country and in the UK and Canada. Digital content is published in partnership with NY Mag's The Cut.
Created at Pentagram under partner/creative director Emily Oberman with designers Christina Hogan and Joey Petrillo, and project manager Anna Meixler, in Spring 2018.