Elizabeth Goodspeed

NYC DOE Translation Department

The NYC DOE Translation and Interpretation unit offers free in-person interpretation services to parents of NYC public school students. My rebrand for their outdated, overly formal, and English-language focused material uses colloquial phrasing, a defined color system, and simple layout to provide help in a quick and friendly way. In addition to designing school posters and postcards, as well as writing copy and working with translators for all content, I also conceived of a brochure (mailed to every parent of the 1.1 million students in NYC) that includes detachable "I speak" cards in order to allow assistance as efficiently as possible. Project completed while working at Open in the summer of 2015, under the guidance of Scott Stowell.

 A poster displayed in a NYC school

A poster displayed in a NYC school

Pamphlet mailed to parents which includes detailed information about the interpretation service in all languages. Includes perforated wallet-sized cards at bottom in each language so that parents can carry interpretation identification with them to speed assistance.

Postcard mailers sent to parents with the top 9 languages listed. 

Additional double-sided sheet providing translations for additional 60 languages offered. 

Jesse Mojica, the Executive Director of the NYC DOE Division of Family and Community Engagement, had this to say about the work:

Thank you for all your help in creating this beautifully designed language access material.  It is a priority at the Department of Education to provide all our parents, regardless of what language they speak, the full opportunity to engage in their child’s education.  One of the biggest barriers for our immigrant parents is the difficulty they encounter in communicating with teachers and other staff at their child’s school.  The poster that your team created for us will go a long way in creating a welcoming environment at schools and the other resources will help ensure that parents receive proper translation and interpretation services. We’re very proud to share this new Language Access Kit with our 1,800 schools this fall... you went above and beyond in thinking about every detail when designing the material.  It’s as if you put yourself in the shoes of one of our parents. Your collective talent and dedication will undoubtedly make a difference in the educational success of countless New York City public school children.