Elizabeth Goodspeed





I'm a recent Brown RISD Dual Degree Program graduate living and working in NYC. I studied Graphic Design and Cognitive Science, with a focus in visual perception and color vision.

Right now I'm freelancing with Emily Oberman's team at Pentagram and drawing letters with Type@Cooper. Before that, I was an intern for Michael Beirut and the Whitney Museum Design Department. In the past, I've worked at Open with Scott Stowell and with Micah Barrett at the RISD Media Group, as well as assisted with food-styling at Sweets & Bitters and archive research at 20x200. In school, I was co-director of the student-run workshop series RISD Quickies, a team designer for the Ivy Film Festival, an editor at the RISD posters blog, and a research assistant in the Visual Perception and Cognition Lab

Feel free to contact me at hello @ elizabethgoodspeed.com with any questions, freelance opportunities, or particularly salient memes. Portfolio available upon request!

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